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ONION Texas Early Grano (Heirloom)

Allium cepa

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Family: Amaryllidaceae

Subfamily: Allioideae

Characteristics: Annual

Seed per packet: Aprrox 80


A classic heirloom sweet onion that produces white fleshed with a straw-coloured skin and a mild taste. An Excellent onion for warmer climates.
A short day onion that is early to mature making it ideal short season climates.

A sweet onion is a variety of onion that is not pungent. Their mildness is attributable to their low sulphur content and high water content when compared to other onion varieties.

Adaptable to most garden soils in an open sunny position.

Tropical: Autumn
Temperate: Autumn to Mid-Winter
Cold: Mid-Autumn to Mid-Winter

Sow: Sow 5-6mm deep.
Sow direct on in trays of a quality seed raising mix and transplant when when 6cm tall.
Germination: 10-14 days
Plant space: 10cm
Row Space: 20cm
Maturity: 24-30 weeks

If sowing direct thin where required to 10cm between plants.  Harvest when tops wilt.

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