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ROCKET Dragons Tongue

Diplotaxis tenuifolia

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Family: Brassicaceae

Characteristics: Annual leaf vegetable

Seeds per packet: Approx 50


A wonderful UK variety of wild rocket with attractive red-veined leaves with good vigour and a superb peppery taste. Pick young leaves regularly to promote fresh growth.

Wild Rocket is becoming increasingly popular for its spicy, peppery flavour that is ideal for adding to salads, sandwiches and garnishes.

Bolt resistant.

Tropicall: Spring to Autumn.
Temperate: Spring to Autumn.
Cold: Spring to Autumn.

Sow: 3mm deep.
For best results sow direct where they are to grow
Germination: 10-14 days.
Plant space: 20-30cm
Row space: 20-30cm
Maturity: 8-12 weeks

Feed with a soluble fertiliser every two weeks for stronger plants.

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